Solution for your Smartphone is jerked, hot and fast battery lag?

The app coded coding money even blatantly appeared on the Google Play Store app marketplace.
If your Android phone has recently become infected with a lag, dropped battery, or overheated, then it’s probably already infected with codecs. The guys behind it will take control of your machine to run extremely complex algorithms and then share the solution for the entire network in exchange for the corresponding reward – Bitcoin, or virtual currency. others available in the market.
However, to solve these algorithms need to take advantage of the processing power of the CPU and GPU of a computer, but a smartphone alone is difficult to bear.

Is your smartphone lagging, fast and battery lag? May your machine have malicious code digging virtual money – Photo 1.
The latest cryptocurrency scam on Android phones broke down when security experts at ESET security firm discovered Bug Swasher, a game that was posted to the Google Play Store app. with downloads from 1 million to 5 million times, have done digging money coding that the owner does not know. This “bandit robbery” behavior is called cryptojacking.
“More and more virtual app crawlers have appeared on this platform over the past 12 months.” On mobile devices, the processing power that bad guys can profit from is not as powerful as a PC, though. As a result, the potential that cryptojacking on smartphones brings is greater. ” Says David Emm, a researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Is your smartphone lagging, fast and battery lag? May your machine have malicious code digging virtual money – Photo 2.
In July, Google announced it would ban all coded money apps on the Play Store. However, Google itself is hardly able to determine which app contains Trojan Horse money. The consequence of unlawful use of resources is that battery life is severely reduced, in some cases even leading to complete failure.
To protect themselves from these hackers, security expert Laurent Petroque said that Android users should ensure that they have installed the latest operating system version for their phones, always scanning for viruses and not Ever installed the app from a 3rd party source.

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Coming with the idea clip generation iPhone XS coming out

The launch of the iPhone 2018 has come very close and the video just appeared on the net will give you a closer and more detailed view of the new iPhone.
Generation iphone 2018 will officially launch September 12 and before the release, the first image of the iPhone XS has appeared online.

This year’s iPhone 2018 will be available in three models, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus (note: this is not the official name, just a temporary name to distinguish) and a 6.1 inch iPhone. The highlight of the new iPhone OLED series this year is the addition of the yellow version and a model owns the screen size up to 6.5 inches.
In the concept video recently released by the ConceptsiPhone channel, viewers can see the full appearance of the iPhone XS in all angles.

Can be seen, this year’s iPhone XS will still keep the design style rabbit ears like iPhone X with Face ID feature, the screen still does not have “chin”. Despite no significant change in appearance, the OLED 2018 will still have quality upgrades with the Apple A12 chip and up to 4GB of RAM.
Meanwhile, the model is also expected as the 6.1 inch iPhone. This model not only resembles the iPhone X front face ID, but more importantly, the LCD screen also helps lower the price of the product. According to the knowledgeable, the price of the machine is only about 600-700 USD (about 13.9 – 16.2 million).

Unlike the two iPhone OLED models, the iPhone LCD model is expected to have a single camera. Full details on the iPhone 2018 will be announced on September 12th.

Samsung X and  S10 will have screen self-healing scratches in the future?

Will this technology make a turning point in the technology revolution?

The app coded coding money even blatantly appeared on the Google Play Store app marketplace.
Samsung is thriving to develop a self-healing glass that is scratch-resistant, even against fingerprints on the glass. This is new information recently when the technology village discovered a Samsung patent document submitted and accepted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), intended for use on the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X.

The method proposed by Samsung is to design a protective layer above the glass, which is responsible for self-healing of scratches and resistance to fingerprints from sweat, steam … This is the point. Breakthroughs when conventional displays are nowadays only made from heat-resistant glass is mainly, can not be scratched and stuck to stain.
Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 will have screen self-healing scratches, anti-stain in the future? – Photo 1.
Smartphone screens manufactured by Corning for the current Samsung.
As for the products available from Samsung, their screen glass is supplied from Corning, namely the Gorilla Glass, which features optimum strength, impact resistance and cracking. However, it seems that this has not really satisfied his ambitious Korean technology in the future.

“The need for an ideal protection material is really essential, and must overcome the current limitations to apply to our technology equipment,” Samsung said in a statement. concerned. Samsung also mentioned the case of using the protective layer on the glass of the smartphone screen folding. “The self-healing and versatility of this glass protector will be a good fit for the folding screen concept.”
Previously, two versions of the LG Flex were also equipped with the same technology for the back cover, long ago in the years 2013-2015. They also open their mouths a bit more revealing that it is the structural bonding of the hydrogen atoms in the back that allows them to heal the scratches, since the hydrogen bonds are equally distributed. around the surface. The result was quite positive, but only for minor scratches, and the fact that Samsung really made up for this weakness was still a big question.
Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 will have screen self-healing scratches, anti-stain in the future? – Photo 2.
The G Flex of LG before.

According to some of the information in the document, the expected protection on this Samsung design will be made from “polyrotaxane, polyhedral silsesquioxane and acryl.” However, the way in which the change, reaction or process involved in automatic healing of glass breaks is not disclosed.
About the ability to resist fingerprints and stains, Samsung will use another layer of protection composed of oil resistant material, not to stain on the smartphone shell.

iPhone 8 crashed self-startup, Apple summoned the globe

Apple said that some of the iPhone 8 models were faulty and restarted, prompting it to launch a global recall campaign.
The manufacturer said the problem was related to the logic board on some iPhone 8 models sold from March 2018 in several countries.
Apple has a tool that allows iPhone 8 users to check whether their phones are in a recalled state. If available, all repair costs will be free unless the phone is experiencing a problem that needs repair.

For example, if the screen is cracked, the iPhone 8 user must replace the previous screen, then free repair the logic board. Of course, replacing this type is not free and subject to product warranty.

In the recall notice, Apple said, “The logic board has caused the iPhone 8 to reboot itself, the screen freezes and does not pop up.” This bug mainly occurs on the iPhone 8 sales in the period from September 2017 to 3/2018 in the markets Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand and the US.
The recall program applies to all iPhone defects for a period of three years from the date of purchase. However, Apple insists that any repairs in this program will not extend the warranty period.

Users should contact Apple or arrange an appointment by e-mail with the Apple Repair Center. It is unclear whether the iPhone 8 Plus is defective or not.

Artificial Intelligence has learned how to create video games just by watching people play

No wonder the field of artificial intelligence (AI) will grow in the future here.
Usually when we teach artificial intelligence (AI) about video games, the purpose is usually to AI self-learning game. That’s how computers can defeat humans in Go and Atari games. But a team from the Georgia Institute of Technology is trying to test the way other AIs develop, which is to get artificial intelligence to learn how video games work.
In the research paper titled “Game Engine Learning from Video,” the team describes an AI system that can reproduce a game engine (software written to design and develop video games) of games such as Super Mario Bros. just by watching the game. This AI does not need to access the game code, just watch the pixel and learn from it. is still acceptable.
Artificial Intelligence has learned how to create video games just by watching people play
This is the first time an AI system has learned how to make games, but there are still a lot of shortcomings and limitations in this project. The AI ​​system does not learn everything about the game from scratch, but the researchers provide two important pieces of information.

The first is a visual gallery containing all sprites (a two-dimensional image or animation integrated into a larger scene) of the game. The second is the basic concepts, such as the location of objects and their speed, the AI ​​will rely on here to record what it sees. With the above information, AI will analyze the gameplay by frame, arrange what it recognizes and analyze the rules of the game.

Artificial Intelligence has learned how to create video games just by watching people play
“For each frame we will use an analytical tool to review and collect events that take place. For example, Mario is in a state of mind, or the movement speed of the subject in the frame, “said Matthew Guzdial, lead author of the research paper shared with The Verge.” Imagine the Mario frame case is On the head of a Goomba mushroom and the next frame, Goomba disappeared, so the AI ​​determined the game’s rules when Mario was on Goomba’s head and his speed dropped. Goomba would disappear. ”


On the left is the normal screen, on the right is the screen created by AI.

Over time, the system will create basic rules and then record them as a “if, then” logic command sequence and similar commands. These rules can be exported and converted into a programming language for game creation.
Currently, the system only works with 2D games because it needs human help to determine what is going on in the game. For 3D games with a lot more “data”, this is very time consuming and requires more advanced viewing technology.

However, in the future, the team thinks that technology like this can be used not only to study games but also to apply to life. But from now until then, we have to wait for the breakthroughs in the AI ​​field so that they can understand the world as human beings. That is the future, now, after Mario, the team is heading to the game Mega Man.

Manage your football with the awesome Mobile Game of SEGA – SEGA Pocket Club Manager

SEGA Pocket Club Manager is a football management game under old SEGA, now officially released on Mobile. SEGA is one of the names associated with the childhood of many generations of gamers, standing behind countless legends of the gaming world. Now that many years have passed with the development of Mobile, SEGA also sees I mite with the offer of many new products. SEGA Pocket Club Manager is a game that gives gamers a chance to experience the world of football under the mischievous imagery but hidden inside is a fascinating game to the madman.

The SEGA Pocket Club Manager puts players in a mini world where the players have a dwarf body with a rounded head running around on the turf. However, do not look down on these players as they can rob the ball, coordinate and score as much as the TV superstar. Only thing to take full advantage of the bigger guys than you would have to be a real tactician, arrange and command how to get the team to harness the power of each individual.

In terms of number of players, SEGA Pocket Club Manager owns up to 2000 different names from Europe and Japan, letting people opt in for a vibrant transfer market. Not only that, the game also accurately describes the real world tournaments with a time every four years, the opportunity for gamers to bring their troops to compete with teams from other countries. In addition, the game also has a very interesting feature is that you can use the camera to capture his face and friends, thereby forming the Mini version of himself in the virtual world.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager has been officially released on both Android and iOS, but it is still very little known about the existence of a super-product like this. So you download and share with friends to go together on the journey to become virtual football star.

The 5 greatest technologies – at IFA 2018

From smartphones to gaming computers, we have seen a lot of interesting things at the IFA.
The biggest consumer technology event in Europe, IFA 2018, is taking place. For the fans and the tech community at the event, it was an exciting trip.

Here are the highlights of the show at IFA 2018:
TV-related announcements have always been an important part of the IFA, and this year we’ve seen some important information.
Leading companies in the industry – Samsung and LG – have announced plans to create the biggest update to the TV market by announcing its own 8K TVs. Both technologies have a resolution of four times the current 4K screen.
The first is the Samsung Q900 with dimensions of 85 inches and ready to become the first 8K TV sold in the market in November.
LG also announced its own 88K OLED TV. However, the company has not announced the price and time to sell the product officially.

Although 8K TVs dramatically increase the number of pixels on the screen, TV makers say they are unlikely to be used in homes in 2018.
Acer Swift 5: The world’s lightest 15-inch laptop
One of the more interesting things to announce at the tech show is Acer Swift 5.
The 5 most amazing technologies are shown at IFA 2018 – Photo 3.
This laptop is made using a magnesium-aluminum alloy and magnesium-aluminum. This is the lightest and lightest laptop in the world today in the 15-inch segment. Not only that, its hardware configuration also delivers superior processing power.

Acer announced two versions of the Swift 5 – Core i7-8565U or Core i5-8265U – both of which are integrated graphics Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q 2 GB. The company also equips the laptop with DDR4 memory up to 16GB and 1TB SSD.
With this configuration, Acer is still committed to battery life of up to 8 hours after each charge.
Blackberry Key2 LE
The IFA 2018 also saw some interesting smartphones being announced. Most notable of these are the Blackberry Key2 LE.
The 5 most amazing technologies are shown at IFA 2018 – Photo 4.
This device is actually the cheaper version of BlackBerry Key2 – a high-end smartphone released in the first half of 2018.
With a touch screen and physical QWERTY keyboard, the Key2 LE is Blackberry’s new attempt to bring its popular smartphone back to the market.
With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, paired with 4GB of RAM and a 3000mAh battery, the device will become a formidable device in the mid-range segment in the near future.
Polaroid OneStep +
Like the Blackberry, Polaroid, a brand associated with photography in the 1970s and 1980s, is also trying to return to the market.\

The 5 greatest technologies performed at IFA 2018 – Photo 5.
In his effort to revive the company, Polaroid has unveiled a retro-style snapshot camera from its classic devices.
The Polaroid OneStep + comes with a dual lens system that allows shooting distances of up to 30 cm. In addition, it also supports Bluetooth-enabled photo-sharing for immediate sharing with a smartphone connection where they can be edited and shared online.
Acer Predator Thronos
As impressive as this absurd gaming bench of Acer, it looks like a throne reserved for gamers.

The 5 greatest technologies performed at IFA 2018 – Photo 6.

Predator Thronos, though classified as a chair, is also equipped with two 27-inch monitors and a Predator gaming computer. With a weight of over 220 kg, it is made of steel and has a motorized cockpit to adjust your screen settings. All the seats are also decorated with LED lights while you play.
But that is not all. Thronos also vibrates in sync with the games you are playing and can pitch up to 140 degrees.

Why Surface Go from Microsoft fails with iPad?

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled its smallest, lightest, lightest Surface model – a device the company has released to expand its hardware portfolio and provide customers with more options. .
So far, all Microsoft Surface models are high end devices. Surface Pro – the cheapest Surface Pro that the company sells before launching the Surface Go – costs $ 799 for the basic configuration.

Needless to say, this is not a device that people will spend money on, not because they do not like it, but because it is an expensive option that most buyers have to look for. other products.
The launch of Surface Go is quite reasonable. Microsoft has always been a pioneer in introducing new product categories, such as the 2-in-1 form factor, with the option to focus exclusively on high-end devices. Its partners are responsible for expanding those categories to other models of all sizes and prices.
The $ 399 Surface Go has convinced many consumers that, from a consumer perspective, Microsoft has finally got a competitor worthy of the iPad. Running the Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor and Windows 10 operating system, Surface Go is eagerly expected to be the “killer” iPad.
But “life is not dream”. Not because the Surface Go does not have the qualities needed to compete with the iPad, but because they are two completely different devices, albeit targeting the same market, offering different features.
Surface Go was created to continue the trend that the Surface brand began in 2012. It is a machine of work, can be used as a tablet, and when necessary will become a laptop keyboard.

But when compared to the iPad, the full version of Windows 10 again makes a difference. By running the full Windows 10, Surface Go is a PC, as it has the ability to run many desktop software.
Meanwhile, the iPad still has limitations: iOS only runs apps from the App Store, and the iPad itself is obviously limited, making it the second choice, even when compared to macOS.
Many have described the iPad as a toy, and to a certain extent, they were right. Although Apple is trying to make the iPad a better device for work, the effort does not go far with the launch of the iPad Pro. iOS does not allow Apple’s products to evolve in the new direction, and so it turns the Surface into the head can not be dethroned in the market for high-end work equipment.
Apple clearly knows these restrictions, and they have taken the necessary steps to address them. In the future, Apple wants to partner with its partners to bring the full capabilities of running software to the iPad to minimize the difference between a full featured software product for macOS or Windows 10 and its iOS counterpart. . Adobe Photoshop is the first big name to go in this direction, and more software will follow.

But in the end, Microsoft’s Surface Go can not be seen as an iPad killer, simply because they are not even rivals. They are completely different devices, offering features that customers may or may not find useful for their day-to-day work. Choosing the better between two devices is clearly a subjective process, but if you put too much weight on the work, iPad certainly can not be considered a substitute for the Surface Go!

Huawei Mate 20 Pro pitted against iPhone XS in 2018

The social network of the Weibo of the Middle of the National Network has been reditted in the Reddit’s images for the previous what of Mate 20 Pro.

After introducing the Kirin 980 7nm chipset that will be available on Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, Huawei has announced that the pair will be available in London on October 16th, however, the first images are expected. The front of the Mate 20 Pro has appeared. This came shortly after the news that Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro had three different camera layouts for both models.

The graphics output for the Mate 20 Pro also shows the notch style of the Apple iPhone X, as opposed to the “teardrop” notch on the Mate 20 front and a curved edge display. Mate 20 Pro will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner in the display and facial recognition system will unlock the device as well as identify identity.

In a series of other photos, it seems that Huawei Mate 20 Pro was taken by someone at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany. The picture shows the phone is wearing a cover designed to cover the phone. However, setting up the three cameras at the rear of the device is definitely noticeable.

If live in My, the user don’t hi vọng you will buy the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro at the provided service, thay vào đó, they must based the alibaba home seller like Amazon and eBay to buy it.

Review Camera sony Xperia XZ3 Single

Sony Xperia XZ3 has just appeared on the market. Although there is only one camera on the back but no less prominent. The analysis below will help you better understand.
Camera super peak
Sony has decided to equip the Xperia XZ3 with the familiar ExmorRS IMX400 lens. It’s a Motion Eye camera with 1 / 2.3 ‘, 1.22μm, f / 2.0 focal length. Its visibility remains fairly wide at 25mm (35mm equivalent).
Lens on Xperia XZ3 has the same modules as XZ Premium, XZ, XZ1 and XZ2. Still without OIS, the camera only relies on EIS to keep it stable. However, the camera works great on Sony’s RAM. Thanks to that, the sensor with 19MP resolution is read quickly. Avoid screen cases that are jerky or blurry when subjects move fast. Flash memory is also important for recording HDR videos up to 4K properly.

The improvement of Sony

Of course, the 960fps slow motion video is also integrated on this camera. Thanks to Spectra 280 ISP, Snapdragon 845 and RAM chip, XZ3 can also record 960fps slow motion video at 1080p resolution. 1080p resolution is still higher than the competition. However, sadly, the size of the RAM chip has not been increased, resulting in slow motion 1080p is only 0.09 seconds. This is a limitation that Sony needs to review.
For other improvements, Sony called “Deep Learning Exposure Control.” Obviously, as it is related to AI, image quality will increase. This technology automatically adjusts the scene, avoiding excessive exposure or dark. In addition, AI automatically activates HDR if necessary.
It seems that Sony is still making improvements to its camera. The camera user interface has been reworked for simplicity. Switch between photo and video modes with just one touch. All modes and settings are stored in the menus. Camera app now supports quick actions on Android, allowing you to create shortcuts for photo, video and manual modes right on the main screen. New user interface is also an advantage of the Xperia XZ3

New gestures

Smart Launch is a new feature supported by AI that appears on the Xperia XZ3. That’s the new gesture to launch the camera. Take the XZ3 out of your pocket and hold it horizontally (the only way to capture or capture video properly) and then bring the camera up. Then you just touch the screen once and are ready to shoot. If you do not like to open the camera with gestures, you can press the power button.
Speaking of new gestures with suspicious utility, the camera is also equipped with Sony’s new Sense interface. It lies on the curves of the XZ3 screen. Pressing the side of the screen to open the camera application is twice as fast. So, what you have to do is double-tap the screen edge to capture a still image or start filming.

For convenience, you can place the camera icon anywhere on the edges. However, be sure not to shake hands too much when performing this operation. As such, Sony may have gestures to manipulate primarily on curved lines.

Camera selfie 13MP

A clear camera upgrade on XZ3 vs. XZ2 is the selfie camera. The XZ3 offers 13.2MP auto focus. It is a new and improved module, as it has a brighter aperture than f / 1.9 versus f / 2.0 on the XZ2 Premium.
Selfie is good even in low light conditions
Anyway, selfies also benefit from a new beauty system, complete with 5 separate components: Slender face, Eye make up, Skin brightness and soft skin. Intensity can be adjusted and adjusted individually. There is also a Bokeh effect. Bring super nice virtual portraits.

Selfie camera on Sony Xperia XZ3

The 3D creation application also has some improvements and now seems to work better, with both the main camera and the selfie camera. Sony talks about some new face animation options. This may make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Capture video 4K and HDR

Sony is proud of the video recording array. The 4K and HDR video recording capabilities are still present on the Xperia XZ3 and are primarily activated through a combination of Motion Eye camera, powerful Spectra memory, Snapdragon 845.

Video recording interface on the Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony’s approach to HDR video is quite interesting. To get the format and quality, the 4K resolution machine, with 10 bit depth, rich BT.2020 color space and HDR. Features are especially flexible.
Sony and Youtube shook hands with each other to make a story?

Like some other flagship brothers, the Xperia XZ3 is certified for the HDR10 playback feature. This is the defacto standard to consume HDR online, from channels like Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. However, sharing HDR content on platforms like YouTube is still a bit more complicated.
That’s why the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) standard is needed. Put simply, HLG is better than competing standards, like HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Unlike these standards, the core of the HLG is the SDR signal, backward compatible with unsupported devices. Signals also make HLG easier to use for streaming – a problem that HDR10 and Dolby Vision are tackling.

Xperia XZ3 to upload HDR video to Youtube

Not stopping there, all that we have analyzed here is just the surface of the story. Where are the real benefits? Through a partnership with YouTube, Sony allowed the Xperia XZ3 to download HDR content from the HLG camcorder onto YouTube in 10-bit HEVC format. Get YouTube and convert to 10-bit VP9. As such, a large number of HDR devices can watch the video. That helps you share your HDR creations with the world, instead of just enjoying yourself.

Memory stacking

Of course, Sony’s stack memory solution plays an important role in capturing true HDR content. Since the entire sensor can be read very quickly, you do not need to shoot two frames in succession to blend into an HDR frame. Instead, you get two simultaneous shots.

The stackable memory solution also allows for 960fps of slow motion recording, at resolutions up to 1080p – an outstanding feature of Xperia.